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This is the Pundits' Guide candidate index page. For additional details on this candidate, please select one of the ridings linked to below. For further information on one of the elections, you may click on one of the election links instead.

ElecPartyRankVotes ProvRidingContestIncPrevResidenceOccupation
2011 GELib115,550
QCBourassa Lib-NDP xyMontréal-Nord, Que.Parlementaire
2008 GELib119,869
QCBourassa Lib-BQ xyMontréal-Nord, Que.Parlementaire
2006 GELib118,705
QCBourassa Lib-BQ xyMontréal-Nord, Que.Parliamentarian
2004 GELib120,927
QCBourassa Lib-BQ xyMontréal-Nord, QCParliamentarian
2000 GELib125,403
QCBourassa Lib-BQ xyMontréal-NordParliamentarian
1997 GELib123,765
QCBourassa Lib-BQ yMontréal-NordVice-President, Public Affairs
1993 GELib218,185
QCBourassa BQ-Lib y
1990 ByLib24,812
QCLaurier – Sainte-Marie Ind-Lib yMontréal Nord, Qué.Relationniste
1988 GELib212,573
QCJoliette PC-Lib life insurance broker