UPDATED: By-election countdown: Not all quiet on the western front

September 17th, 2013

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The circumstances under which Larry Maguire became the acclaimed pick of the Conservative riding association for the forthcoming by-election in Brandon-Souris, MB are starting to receive more attention.

UPDATE: Added Liberal nomination meeting date in Provencher, MB to the table at the bottom.

Brandon-Souris, MB

While city councillor and now Brandon Deputy Mayor Les Isleifson is maintaining that he withdrew from the nomination contest rather than being disqualified from it, former Merv Tweed executive assistant Chris Kennedy – who was first into the race, and many considered the original frontrunner – seems genuinely perplexed as to how his nomination papers could have been rejected.

Unsuccessful Brandon-Souris Conservative nomination hopeful Chris KennedyA "shocked" Kennedy told the Brandon Sun Monday that he was advised no deposit cheque for $1000 was attached to his nomination papers as received by 5PM Ottawa time on the Wednesday September 11 deadline, though he swears it was affixed when the papers were sent.

Party headquarters has told him there's nothing he can do about it, and while on the one hand Kennedy says "I’m not going to drag … the party or myself or anybody through the mud", on the other hand he is being urged by several supporters of his nomination to consider running as an independent. Kennedy is planning another thank-you tour to talk to his supporters, so I guess we'll see what happens next there.

Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Chris KENNEDY CANDIDACY NOT ACCEPTED – Tweed's former EA, Souris-born @ChrisKennedy2  
Len ISLEIFSON WITHDRAWN – Brandon Ward 9 councillor, Brandon-raised @LenIsleifson Profile, Page
Larry MAGUIRE ACCLAIMED – Arthur-Virden MLA, Souris-born, lives in Virden @LarryMaguire4MP Page

In other Brandon news, more developments are rumoured on the Liberal front, with no nomination meeting in sight as yet, which I take to be the possibility of another candidate. I doubt it could be Kennedy, but the logical possibility is at least worth having ruled out. To this point, SFM-alumnus and former media exec Rolf Dinsdale is being contested by former US-Marine and métis Frank Godon, with no meeting date on the horizon as yet. The NDP nomination meeting is still set for Thursday, October 17 between Steelworker Cory Szczepanski and Teamster John Bouché.

Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Cory SZCZEPANSKI Welder, Labour Council pres (USWA), lives in Wawanesa @Corythewelder Profile
John BOUCHÉ Op. Eng, Union Staff rep (Teamsters), Thompson MB-born, ran 2008-11   Profile


Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Rolf DINSDALE Media exec (Walrus, Facebook, Blue Ant Media), political family from Brandon @RolfDinsdale Profile, Page
Frank GODON Former teacher & US Marine, Métis heritage, lives in Boissevain @FrankGodon Profile, Page

Provencher, MB

Meanwhile in Provencher, Liberals will be moving to set their nomination date this week, with former riding president and 2011 candidate Terry Hayward as the only declared candidate to date. The NDP will also see a candidate announce this week, I understand.

Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Ted FALK ACCLAIMED – Business owner, credit union pres   Profile


Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Terry HAYWARD Retired public servant, ex-farm org pres, lives in Anola @TerryHaywardMB Profile

Toronto Centre, ON

Returning to the centre of the universe, Conservative nomination hopeful Geoff Pollock was confirmed as their acclaimed candidate late yesterday, thus completing the slate of candidates for the major parties in Toronto Centre. NDP candidate Linda McQuaig has just challenged Liberal candidate Chrystia Freeland to a debate on income inequality. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has been doing a round of events with Freeland, while NDP leader Tom Mulcair is set to campaign with McQuaig on Thursday – an event announced by both McQuaig and fellow nomination contender Jennifer Hollett to their respective email lists.

Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Geoff POLLOCK ACCLAIMED – Lawyer, Churchill devoté @geoffpollock Profile


Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Todd ROSS Former Smitherman aide @tejross Page
Diana BURKE Former IT exec at RBC, Jamaican emigré @TeamDianaBurke Page
Chrystia FREELAND ELECTED – Journalist, editor, Alberta-born Rhodes scholar @cafreeland Page


Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Jennifer HOLLETT Former Much VJ, CBC/CTV journo, Harvard MPA @JenniferHollett Profile
Linda McQUAIG ELECTED – Toronto Star columnist, author @LindaMcQuaig Page
Susan GAPKA Housing and trans rights LBGTT activist @SusanGapka Profile


Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
John DEVERELL ACCLAIMED – Former journalist, democratic reform activist, lives in Pickering @Dev4TOCentre Page

Bourassa, QC

Bourassa Conservative candidate Rida Mahmoud, with Québec political minister Denis LebelThe Conservatives have also moved to finalize their candidate in the Montréal riding of Bourassa, picking Rida Mahmoud, an 8-year resident of the riding who originally hails from the Ivory Coast. Mahmoud is a trained construction engineer who is currently working as architectural technician, and he is also active in the Haitian Youth Chamber of Commerce. [I erroneously tweeted the name as "Rita Mahmoud" yesterday, an unfortunate error resulting from speed and sloppiness on my part, for which I apologize to Mr. Mahmoud.] The Bloc Québécois have still not identified a candidate, though they are apparently intending to run here given that several names have been floated to the french press gallery in Ottawa already.

Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Rida MAHMOUD ACCLAIMED – Architectural technician, hails from the Ivory Coast   Profile

The next contested nomination meeting to take place in the current round of by-elections will be the Bourassa NDP nomination meeting, a week from Wednesday at the same location the Liberals used: the Costa Del Mar on Amos St, September 25 at 7PM. One of the four candidates dropped out after the membership cut-off, Mario LeClerc, but the members will be selecting from amongst the remaining candidates – 2011 candidate Julie Demers, PSAC regional vice-president Larry Rousseau, and lawyer and Bran Van 3000 singer Stéphane Moraille – by preferential ballot. The membership counts, which were expected by today, will likely not be known until tomorrow now.

Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Larry ROUSSEAU PSAC Reg VP, long-time StatsCan emp @larryrousseau Profile, Page
Mario LECLERC WITHDRAWN – PSAC Staff Rep @007Leclerc Profile
Stéphane MORAILLE Lawyer, musician/singer @S_Moraille Profile, Page
Julie DEMERS 2011 NDP candidate in Bourassa @TweetJewels Profile. Page


Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Emmanuel DUBOURG ELECTED – Former Viau MNA, Haitian emigré   Profile
Joseph A. DI IORIO Lawyer practising in QC and ON    


Candidate Bio Twitter Facebook
Georges LARAQUE APPOINTED – Former NHL player, Deputy Green leader @GeorgesLaraque Page

Let's re-update the readiness table from last time, to see where the parties are across the four ridings.

Riding NDP Grn Lib Cons BQ
Bourassa, QC Sept 25 meeting with 3-way contest Deputy leader appointed candidate July 9 Dubourg wins Sept 8 2-way contest Mahmoud acclaimed Sept 16 Leader has ruled out a run for himself
Toronto Centre, ON McQuaig wins Sept 15 3-way contest Deverell named candidate Sept 9 Freeland wins Sept 15 3-way contest Pollock acclaimed Sept 16  
Provencher, MB 1 declared candidate for Sept 25 meeting Falk acclaimed Sept 11  
Brandon-Souris, MB Oct 17 meeting with 2-way contest 2-way contest Maguire acclaimed Sept 11  

12 Responses to “UPDATED: By-election countdown: Not all quiet on the western front”

  1. Malcolm says:

    A $1000 cheque lost in the mail whe the rest of the package wasn’t? That sounds almost as sleazy as a backdated membership cutoff. Trudeau and Harper really are cut from the same cloth.

  2. OK, Malcolm, but we don’t know what really happened. I’m really not keen to see the comments section of my blog turned into a fire-breathing version of the MSM sites, or other partisan blogs.

  3. Ron says:

    Which is worse – two tory candidates acclaimed after really fishy events or two Liberals nominated after Justin’s not so secret blessing?

    What exactly – is wrong with open, honestly contested nomination processes?

    So much for tory and Liberal babble about democratic reforms.

  4. Sorry, what other Conservative candidate was acclaimed under so-called “fishy” events, Ron?

  5. Ron says:

    Initially Provencher and Brandon-Souris Conservative nominations were to be contested – but neither was.

    Further, the acclamation of four out of four tory by-election candidates is not a particularly healthy sign of democracy within that party.

  6. Who said Provencher was to be contested? We had rumours of certain names, but they said they did not want to run.

  7. James says:

    This is weird – you’d think the assistant would be the Party favourite. It’s a very safe seat, no? Why the emphasis on getting the high profile MLA?

  8. Shadow says:

    This a.m. I had a phone conversation with Chris Kennedy & I want to publicly thank him for his work in Brandon-Souris these past years. -LM 54 mins ago

    Someone is doing a bit of damage control.

    This whole thing is really, really unfortunate.

    If the fix was in for the MLA then Kennedy should have been contacted in advance and convinced to withdraw.

    Disqualifying someone on a technicality to avoid a race is just ham fisted. Obviously its going to necessitate a reply by Kennedy because it makes him look unprofessional.

    It makes the party look bad and it makes Larry Maguire look bad – what is he too busy for a nomination race ?

  9. tcnorris says:

    You mentioned that the Brandon Liberal hopeful was from a political family. He is actually the son of Diefenbaker era cabinet minister Walter Dinsdale, who began his career by defeating a Liberal. The Liberal Party had held the seat up until the by-election for over 20 years.

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