Pundits’ Guide now in Byelection Mode

October 15th, 2012

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Pending the expected call of at least three by-elections next month, I've moved the website into by-election mode.

Fall 2012 By-elections

A summary table appears on the main index page, with links to all the resources for by-election ridings, and a separate page appears for the still un-dated electoral event.

As you can see, the Liberals have nominated candidates in all three ridings now, while the Conservatives have nominated in two with a third nomination scheduled for Victoria riding on October 20, which will see Dale Gann run against former candidate Patrick Hunt. BC Lobbyist Mike Geoghegan has withdrawn from the race as of Sunday morning. The Victoria NDP nominated lawyer Murray Rankin Sunday afternoon, as he won two-thirds of all 535 votes cast on the first ballot. They also have a nomination race underway in Calgary Centre, as reported last time, but no meeting date as yet. The Green Party has two candidates in place. Neither the NDP nor the Greens have a candidate in Durham riding yet, that I can tell.

One disturbing trend is that so far there has only been one woman nominated by any party in any of these ridings, Joan Crockatt in Calgary Centre. And that's out of nine nominations.

Obviously Etobicoke Centre has been omitted from the list of ridings included in these by-elections until the Supreme Court rulings on the appeal, but I am tracking it on the main page.

All candidates and their websites if any have now been entered into the database and appear on the riding pages for each seat as well. It also looks like I need to check for any updates to the candidate and EDA financial returns from last year, especially for Victoria which is missing a few EDA returns in my database.

I plan to update the byelxn.punditsguide.ca social media aggregator for the current set of by-election ridings as well, and then write regular wraps on how the campaigns are going. If you live in one of the ridings, or are involved with one of the campaigns, please drop us a note or comment to pass along how it's going out there.

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  1. RCO says:

    glad to see some coverage i was wondering when someone was going to start talking about the by-elections. haven’t heard much about them so far . being from ontario only riding i’ve been to and familar with is durham . sleepy small town riding not far from toronto . erin o’toole is riding’s ontario pc mpp’s son . its still going to be competitive but its a pretty blue area. etobicoke centre will be a very competitve by election if it ever takes place but somehow i’d be surprised if it ever does . its rare these days for results to be tossed entirely was more common 100 years ago i think i noticed that when researching some ridings history .

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