More By-election candidate news.

October 18th, 2012

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Already tweeted, but for those of you not on Twitter, a few notes from the campaign trail.

* Durham, ON – Former MPP and Brock Township mayor Larry O’Connor announced earlier today on Twitter that he would be running for the NDP nomination in that riding. I don’t have it confirmed, but am hearing that October 30 is the likely date. If O’Connor is uncontested, he would join Conservative Erin O’Toole, Liberal Grant Humes, and a Green to be named later.

* Calgary Centre, AB – One of the candidates for the NDP nomination, social media consultant Scott Payne, announced late last night on Facebook that given an imminent announcement by another “stronger and compelling” candidate, he was withdrawing from the race. New Democrats will meet there on October 27 to pick from amongst the two remaining and one emerging nomination contestants. The winner will join Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt, Green candidate Chris Turner, and Liberal standard-bearer Harvey Locke.

* Victoria, BC – Local sources report the registration of a domain-name for Dale Gann that redirects to the Conservative Party’s candidate website platform. It thus appears that the Vancouver Island Technology Park president Is probably the only vetted candidate, and will be acclaimed at their meeting, reported to be scheduled for this Saturday. Gann’s nomination would round out the slate of candidates for the by-election in that riding, including Green Donald Galloway, Liberal Paul Summerville, and New Democrat Murray Rankin.

8 Responses to “More By-election candidate news.”

  1. Cory Horner says:

    “Judgment to be rendered in appeal:

    9:45 AM Thursday October 25th

    Ted Opitz et al. v. Borys Wrzesnewskyj et al.”

  2. David Young says:

    Should the judgement go against Opitz on Thursday, Oct. 25th, and the riding is declared vacant, with a 10-day delay before a by-election can be called, does this preclude Etobicoke Centre from being included in a pre-Christmas date for the other by-elections, Alice?

  3. It’s an 11-day wait, David, and so would push back a call until the first weekend of November for the middle of December. If the lower court is over-turned and there is no by-election in Etobicoke Centre, then the call can come next weekend for December 3.

  4. David Young says:

    Thanks, as always, for your exceptional info, Alice!

  5. Paul McKivett says:

    Just heard that Nov 26th is Victoria by-election date.

  6. George Pringle says:

    HUH? “If the lower court is over-turned and there is no by-election in Etobicoke Centre, then the call can come next weekend for December 3.”

    If the lower court is overturned, there will be no byelection at all so what call are you referring to?

  7. George, that was written assuming that the PM would want to wait for the Etobicoke Centre ruling before calling the other by-elections. As this morning’s call proves, he was not interested in doing so. I’m writing right now. Sorry if that phrasing was not pristine.

  8. George Pringle says:

    Ah, it was just after I heard the announcement so I wrote that off in my head.

    Of course, if there is a by-election, it could be done separate, in fact there are good political reasons to do so.

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