Pundits’ Guide to the Liberal Leadership Contest

September 23rd, 2012

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As part of covering the April 14, 2013 Federal Liberal Leadership Contest, I've once again assembled a one-stop shop, social media and news aggregator page to track developments in the race.

Meet the "Pundits' Guide to the Liberal Federal Leadership Race" found at: http://lpcldr.punditsguide.ca.

As before, you can catch the latest news, tweets, and Facebook friend counts for all the candidates, whether declared or still mulling, and I've assembled a calendar of key dates in the race, a summary of the rules, and whatever else I can find that we can count.

And of course, there's an index to all the blogposts I've written and will be writing on the issue of Leadership Contest rules, Leadership Finance, and associated data.

Stay tuned for further updates, as more candidates declare and register. But for now: load and refresh.

7 Responses to “Pundits’ Guide to the Liberal Leadership Contest”

  1. Jordan says:

    I never heard Alexander Burton’s name mentioned, what’s the deal with him?

  2. He is meeting with EDAs out west, I’m told, to sound out a run.

  3. Jordan says:

    Interesting. First time I saw he name and I’ve been trying to follow liberal blogs closely.

    I don’t know if its something you do but it’d be great to see a list of other blogs that are blogging the leadership race.

  4. George Pringle says:

    The Libs need to make a rule that no person refer to themself as a candidate or potential candidate until they have paid the entry fee.

    There are so many people using the process to get a little free media so they can try to win a riding nomination next time.

    They are making the Party look silly.

  5. Ken Summers says:

    People really do have to get their name in as potential candidate- including in the media- so that can gauge their support.

    Halifax West MP Geoff Regan put his name in active circulation yesterday.


    It is highly unlikely that Regan is just looking for more exposure.

    Is there some other reason[s] we are missing that so many people seem to publicly mull it over, who do not even seem to have an outside chance.

    Even Regan, hardly an unknown, puts his name in circulation.and the headline article that first brings it up as mostly about other [more plausible] contenders.

  6. Shadow says:

    MPs putting their name forward now are sending a clear signal they are not wowed by Justin. Or at least that they are resisting the bizarre Liberal tendency towards coronations.

    By virtue of their shared family history I expect Deborah Coyne to recieve a great deal of attention.

    If Trudeau really is light on policy matters then being lectured in a debate by a constitutional scholar who’s also kind of your step-mom would be devastating.

    Its not hard to see the media and party then rush towards an alternative candidate.

    So clearly there are paths to victory here for candidates not named Justin Trudeau.

    People like Geoff Regan should then be taken seriously since there’s always a chance you’d have a situation like Dion where an MP just sort of stumbles into the top job.

  7. George Pringle says:

    REGAN, Geoff Lib 16,230 35.92%
    PRETTY, Bruce C 13,782 30.50%
    ASH, Gregor N.D.P. 13,239 29.30%
    TRAPPENBERG,Thomas G 1,931 4.27%

    Regan had a close win and the NDP is likely to taken his seat. With a NDP Provincial Govt and EI changes that the NDP will promise to reverse, all Atlantic Libs are in trouble.

    As in every leadership race it is a battle between the left and right wings of the Party and anyone else is pointless and will look pointless very quickly in the race.

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