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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Location of New RSS Feed

At some point over the weekend, when you go to the Pundits' Guide homepage it is going to start looking a little different. When that happens, you'll know that the first step of our migration from Blogger to WordPress is complete.

Once that does happen, the new location of the website's feed will be:

[No, it's not working just yet, but I had to publish it now for reasons I'll explain below.]

A very few parts of the site won't be working right away, but we'll be getting caught up soon enough, and after that some new functionality will be coming along all in good time.

Clearly, you can appreciate that I'm praying very hard for the parties in the Commons to be able to come to some agreement, or at least take their time debating any question of privilege in committee before bringing a motion back to the House.

Switching from Blogger to WordPress became necessary because of Google's decision to de-support FTP publishing using the Blogger platform after May 1 (i.e., today). I can see why they took that decision, given that such a small proportion of their users were using that option but it was consuming a huge amount of their band-width.

But because this website is so much more than just the blog, I did not want to stick with any of their remaining options, and became persuaded that a migration to WordPress to handle the content management of more than simply the blog was the right move. Luckily I've had some incredibly talented and experienced help to smooth the transition.

Thank you for your patience, and we'll be right back atcha on the WordPress side of things soon enough. Or you can follow @punditsguide on Twitter, where I'll be tweeting once it goes live.



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